Trucker Wellness: Driver Weight

Prime, Inc., (16th on Commercial Carrier Journal’s Top 250 List) the refrigerated, flatbed and tanker trucking company located in Springfield, Mo., released results of their Driver Body Composition Study to promote healthy lifestyles and wellness among truck drivers.

Prime measured the body composition of over 100 drivers who enrolled in their Driver Health and Fitness (DHF) 13-week program.

The average weight of all drivers, men and women, was 268 lbs.  The average body fat was 40 percent. The visceral fat rating, which is a measure of the fat surrounding the internal organs in the belly area, was an average of 18.

Nationally, 86 percent of truck drivers are overweight and 69 percent are obese.

Your thoughts? Does your weight or Body Mass Index matter or affect you at all? What do you do to manage your weight or weight-related health issues?

Share your experiences with such issues in our “Unload” section.

(From Truckers’ News, Dec 12, 2014, edited by Palmetto Payload)


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