“Tarpmageddon” on the Don “Halt” Bridge

Traffic Disaster Area-Wide

Well, it was one for the scrapbooks.

Wednesday afternoon, a violent summer thunderstorm brought down the tarp on the Don Holt Bridge on 526 and all hell broke loose!

Thursday, South Carolina’s Department of Transportation said it plans to help drivers affected by the tarp collapse.


“We will be working through that claim process, and we will be providing information shortly on how to do that,” said Leland Colvin, the Deputy Secretary of Engineering.

Robert Waters was almost off the bridge before the tarp came crashing down. His windshield was shattered, and he was pinned inside his car for hours.

“There were steel cables that were on either side of the car so I couldn’t open any door,” he said. “I waited for a few seconds hoping no one would hit me from behind.”

He said the scariest part was the silence.

“There was not a voice,” he said. “There was not a sound. I couldn’t hear or see anything. The tarp completely blocked all my view.”

His car was finally towed off by midnight.

Waters was one of nearly a dozen drivers who were directly under the tarp and netting.


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