Friday Funny: Truck Fails

These Are NOT Palmetto Payloaders! It’s time for our Friday Funnies feature. Enjoy these video clips. More importantly, learn from others’ mistakes!

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Wando Backup: Let Ships Dock Off-Peak?

P&C Letter to Editor What do you think about this letter to the editor published in Sunday’s Charleston Post & Courier? What are your answers to the delays at the Wando Terminal?   Letter: The real terminal traffic problem Published Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:01 AM EDT For several days running, The Post and Courier has featured articles addressing problems ...

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Friday Fishin’ Report

Charleston has been hit with a heat wave over the last week and a half as everyone knows. Take extra caution on the water and pack plenty of cold water to stay good and hydrated. For those willing to sweat they are finding some nice trout and reds. Live bait continues to be the choice for these fish that are ...

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Can Cooperation Cure Wando Backups?

Cooperation Helping Wando Terminal Backup? An article in the Post & Courier says SPA wants truckers to be part of the solution at the Wando Terminal. (Link below) What do you think?   http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20160720/PC05/160729923

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Skilled Excavator Operator Saves Stuck Deer

Yeah, He’s Got Skills! As Palmetto Payloaders, you know the skills it takes to operate heavy equipment. This video of a skilled excavator operator rescuing a deer stuck in mud shows how such skills can be put to other good uses.

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