Hoping to Avoid “Truckmaggedon 2” at North Chuck

Bugs Worked Out In New Gate System?

Backup Caused at Wando Terminal

Backup Caused at Wando Terminal


Remember “Truckmaggedon” at the Wando terminal last summer?

State Ports Authority feels ready to bring its new Advanced Gate System to its North Charleston Terminal.

Rollout should be completed by February.

The computerized system, which is designed to move trucks more quickly in and out of the SPA’s container yards, made its debut June 18 at the Wando Terminal. Software glitches and system failures caused hours of traffic backups on Long Point Road and U.S. Interstate 526 over several days.

The SPA said the new access system recently helped it set a record of 5,999 truck moves in one day at Wando, the larger of the port’s two container terminals.

We hope this rollout goes smoothly and will be counting on Palmetto Payloaders to let us know.


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