Pictured left to right are: Ray Richer, Brennan Newberry, Bucky Birt. My  Friendship with NASCAR Driver Brennan Newberry By Bucky Birt Readers, I’d like to tell you all of a little story at how I became friends with the coolest race car driver ever. In 2013, I along with others, was selected to host a tweet meet at Rockingham Speedway for the NASCAR ...

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College Football Playoff – What Do You Think?

What did you think about this week’s so-called “first true” college national championship football game? We want to know what you think. Seems folks around the country have mixed feelings about how “true” the current four-team playoff system is in getting a national champion. Why? Simple – first of all, the four teams in the playoff were all selected by ...

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Weekly Fishing Report

Editor’s Note: We are proud to have a partnership with to provide our weekly fishing report. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it here and click on their web site for a big load of Lowcountry fishing information. CharlestonFishing.Com Weekly Report As we roll into a new year, many will consider purchasing a used boat for a new to them ...

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Now THAT’s a Whopper!

What angler hasn’t told a tale of the big fish that got away? Tall tales are a big part of a day on the water with friends, with stories of the biggest fish ever caught often topping the list of must-share adventures. Fish are classified as either having cartilage or a skeleton of bones. Each family of fish has its ...

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Key Moments in NASCAR History

One of the most popular sports in the United States, NASCAR has a rich history steeped in tradition. The following are some of the more important moments in the history of stock car racing’s governing body. December 1947: By late 1947, stock car racing was growing in popularity, and tracks were struggling to handle the crowds and cars. Recognizing this ...

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